About the Event

Join us on September 22-24, 2022 in Saint Petersburg, FL for the All County Annual Conference!

Why Attend?
This is where we debut all the new marketing programs, changes in our business and operating manual, new programs and vendors.  It’s a power-packed event that will give you the tools to help take you to the top.  Let’s get excited!!!

Who Should Attend?
The Annual Conference provides training and networking to new franchise owners, existing franchise owners, office staff, and preferred vendors.  You’ll get key insights into a wide range of current issues and changes in the landscape of the property management industry. You’ll leave with takeaways on a variety of subjects such as operations, office administration, software, marketing, litigation, leadership, and more.

Event Schedule

Day 1: Check In & Cocktail Party

Day 1 of the conference is fun and easy. Arrive at the hotel, get yourself situated, grab a drink, and enjoy a night of cocktails.

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Day 2: Classes & Entertainment

Day 2 is all about classes, networking with other franchise owners, and learning from vendors. Join us Friday night as we attend the Tampa Bay Rowdies vs. Birmingham Legion soccer match at Al Lang Stadium. We will have exclusive access to the Corner Kick area where we will have food and drinks available.

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Day 3: Classes & Annual Gala

Day 3 of the conference you will finish learning from your classes. After classes, it is time to put on your best outfit for a memorable night of wining and dining at the awards ceremony.

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Event Information


HOTEL: Hyatt Place

Location: 25 2nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701


USL Soccer Match: Tampa Bay Rowdies vs. Birmingham Legion at Al Lang Stadium (230 1st St SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701)


Let’s Get Rowdy!

This year you will have the opportunity to join us for a Tampa Bay Rowdies game on Friday, September 23rd at 7:30 p.m. Tickets, which include food and drink, will be included as a part of the conference payment. The food options provided will be assorted bagged chips, in-shell peanuts, mini pretzel twists, and all beef hot dogs. Drink options will include various domestic and craft beers, assorted wine, regular and diet Coca Cola, Sprite, and Dasani bottled water.

We cannot wait to spend some time socializing together while eating, drinking, and enjoying the game! If you have not yet signed up for the conference, please click here to register!

Meet Our Presenters

Simon Heart

Simon Heart brings a unique perspective to business. His analytical background as well as his personal approach has grown his two Colorado offices to immense success. Simon will explain how he has strategically acquired existing portfolios taking his combined monthly gross revenue over $225K per month, all while opening a third location. Simon will describe how portfolio acquisition delivers a significant number of properties, but it is not for the “faint of heart”. He will go into detail on how he positioned himself to purchase these portfolios, as well as the advantages and dis-advantages.

Jerrad Ferrera

Jerrad Ferrera, has been on all sides of the business including franchisee training and support, opening a new office and now running the original property management location. At the conference he will share how to transfer leadership of an existing business with a focus on growth expansion while increasing the existing portfolio’s performance. Jerrad understands we are in the relationship business, and he will outline how he uses the systems and procedures to keep positive reviews, and have happy staff, owners, residents and vendors to maximize the performance of his office.

Kim Miller

”The” Kim Miller is one of our few female owned and operated franchisees, as well as one of the top 5 grossing offices on a regular basis. Kim takes an organized and enthusiastic approach to every day at the office. Procedures are of significant importance, but so is a great atmosphere. Kim will discuss how effective management will allow your office to run smoothly and prevent things from falling through the cracks, while still having a great time. Her team’s careful and consistent attention to detail has bolstered overall productivity and allows her office to consistently grow while giving an excellent customer experience.

Scott Glascock

Scott Glascock is a Retired Army Colonel turned multiple unit franchisee. After 30+ years of commanding his troops, Scott has taken his experience to unify his All County team. Colorado Springs was awarded the high honors of Top Grossing Office for two consecutive years reaching over 100K in monthly revenues. He knows the team is the heart of the operation, but also having a solid plan is paramount. Scott will share with everyone his “Battleplan Basics,” and the secrets to his enormous success.

Roy Guy

Roy Guy is the owner of three All County locations. Some of his greatest skills lie in working with scripting and software. To make life easier on himself and his employees he has worked to create tabs and instructions within Rent Manager. These enhancements walk the user through the steps of completing various tasks making sure that no one misses steps, allowing a smooth operation. In this interactive session Roy will give a presentation about scripting and custom tabs and then you will have an opportunity for hands on experience with your own database. After this session you will be equipped to implement these time and stress saving measures in your own offices.

Robert Eyers

Robert Eyers is one of our newer franchisees and a wonderful picture of success despite adversity. He was named “Rookie of the Year” at last year’s conference, an award that is only given for exceptional growth. His first year in business, during the height of Covid-19, he grew his portfolio to over 200 doors. Rob will candidly tell you that he did not ask for permission. “People look for an excuse to stop working, we just looked for an excuse to keep working.” Rob will share not only his story, but also his marketing strategies that grew him to such rapid growth.